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The Reaper Custom Rifle

This is our newest development and we feel it is going to be a winner.  The Reaper stock design is very strong and includes an aluminum bedding block with fore and aft molded in aluminum chassis.  The Reaper also has a three way adjustable butt pad and has a well designs adjustable cheek piece.  The forend also incorporates a handstop rail as a further refinement.  The forend is tapered downward from front to rear, which allows for minute elevation adjustments by sliding forward when using a front sand bag.

The stock is solid fill material and offers good rear weight for yse with heavier barrels.  Balance is excellent.  The pistol grip is long and short action and can make this system to satisfy urban tactical requirements in a short compact design or adopt other considerations for a long distance configuration.  The short magnums can also be employed.

This system is well deserved and must be tried in order to appreciate its superior feel and balance.  It is going to be very difficult to beat this one for a long time coming.  Calibers such as .223, .308, 300WSM, 300Win Mag, and .338 Lapua are some of the available possibilities.  The rifle shown is a .308 Winchester in a Remington short action with a ten round detachable box magazine.  The barrel is a a 24 inch Shilen Heavy Palma Stainless Select Match 1-12 twist with ceramic matte black finish.  The optics shown are a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X56mm with the NPR2 reticule.  The muzzle brake is our high efficiency triple baffle flat box system.  All the accuracy refinements are built in standard.

The Reaper custom sniper rifle by Van Dyke Rifle Designs

The Reaper custom sniper rifle side 1

The Reaper custom sniper rifle side 2

The Reaper custom sniper rifle front view

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