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McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

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Competition Stocks

50 Caliber / Edge / High Power Competition / Silhouette

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Inc. has its roots in the competition-shooting arena. Starting with benchcrest stocks, we have expanded our line to include Highpower, Smallbore, and Pistol Silhouette, NRA High Power, Palman, Sportsman Team Challenge, BR-50, IR 50-50, 1,000 yard Benchcrest, 50 Caliber Benchrest, F Class and Tatical Competition stocks.

Every style stock is designed and manufactured to aid the shooter in his quest to be the very best he can be. Competition stocks can be produced to meet very specific needs and are custom made to each individual order. This allows the shooter to choose the type of accessories that best suit their needs. Integral and saddle type cheek pieces, 3-way adjustable butt plates, vertically adjustable butt plates, adjustable spacer systems and handstop rails give the shooter a wide variety of options, stocks are base priced as inletted blanks, with additional charges for accessories.

50 Caliber

Big Mac

The Big Mac is actually more of a tactical stock than a Benchrest stock. It has a 2.500 inch square fore-end, which allows it to ride the bags fairly well. It has a vertical pistol grip and a straight comb with no cheek piece. The Big Mac was specifically designed for the McBros action, although it can be inletted for most 50 caliber actions. Available in right and left hand.

Take Down 50 Caliber

The Take Down 50 Caliber is a short compact stock for most 50 caliber actionsIt comes with a no tool removable butt stock for storage and transport in a standard gun case. The forend of the stock is very short, about 15 inches from the pistol grip to the tip of the stock and is designed for bipod use only. It may be equipped with a spacer system for adjustable length of pull.
Available in right and left-hand.

50 H

The 50 H is another new participant of 50 Caliber Benchrest shooting. The "Heavy Gun Class" stock will weigh a minimum of 12-13 pounds. It can be used with heavy barrel contours and current receivers to make a 50lb. rifle. The forend is 5 inches wide and 2.300 inches deep through the action areaThe 50 HBR will accommodate actions or sleeves up to 2.600 inches wideThe revolutionary feature to this stock is the butt. The bottom of the butt is 2.250 inches wide and is exactly parallel to the forend. Available in right and left-hand.

50 L

The 50 L is designed for building rifles in the "Light gun class for 50 Caliber Benchrest shooting. It is similar to the 50 H but the fore-end and the action area have been narrowed to be the most effective the "light gun" rules will allow. The fore-end is 3.50" in width and the stock will accept a maximum receiver width of 2.10". It has the same 2.50" wide flat on the bottom of the butt as the 50 H so the same rear bag can be used on both guns. The minimum weight is 6.5lbs and is available inletted both right and left hand.


Ultralight EDGE

At just 22oz, the new McMillan Ultralight EDGE is 1/3 lighter and much stiffer Than a traditional benchrest stock. The outer shell is 100% graphite for low weight and stiffness. The radical fore-end is engineered like a structural beam for extra stiffness in vertical axis. Oversize siderails resist torque and improve tracking in a front rest. An ultra low center of gravity improves stability. And an adjustable weight system in the bullstock lets you fine tune weight and balance.



McMillan Ultralight Edge

The EDGE is an evolutionary new design in benchrest stocks. Designed and engineered with input from top benchrest shooters from around the world. It is stiffer and more stable than any stock on the market with incomparable tracking qualities. The shell is made completely of graphite with a molded in barrel channel for increased stiffness. The receiver area is filled with a new lighter but stronger material than ever before. The barrel channel will accommodate the largest legal benchrest contour. Two vertical sidewalls increase stiffness by 30% over conventionally shaped forends. There is a 1/2" flat on the buttstock, which is tapered to meet the minimum angle required by both the NBRSA and the IBS. The buttstock includes an integral weight chamber. A weight system is available for fine-tuning and balancing light varmint rifles but is not designed for converting from light varmint to heavy varmint. Stocks are available inletted and un-inletted We have two molds, one for Remington style tang receivers and one for square tang receivers (Panda, Viper, Nesika, Grizzly, Hall, etc.)


McMillan Edge HBR

Adapted from the EDGE benchrest stock the EDGE HBR is specifically designed for Hunter Class competition. The forend has been narrowed to 2.238" by removing the lower rail from the EDGE stock, leaving a solid platform with 1'2" tall sidewalls. The buttstock has a 1/2" flat at the minimum required angle. Unlike the EDGE, the EDGE HBR does not incorporate a weight system, and will be filled so that you can adjust the length of pull. Made of a graphite shell and newly developed lighter, stronger fill, the stock weighs in at 22 ounces. Superior tracking and stability makes this stock the choice of top Hunter Class competitors around the country. We have just one mold for Remington style tang receivers only.

High Power Competition


The M1A is patterned after the Marine Corps Match M14 stock and is ideal for a heavy barreled, match grade service rifle. It is available without hardware in molded-in colors only. It may be completely finished with a painted exterior if all hardware is supplied by the customer. It may or may not be fitted for the steel stock liner and must be properly bedded to the customer's action before firing.

Winchester Marksman

The Winchester Marksman is an exact copy of the original factory stock found on the Pre-64 Competition Rifle. A high, straight comb without a cheek piece allows this stock to be shot right or left-handed. This stock can also be used with Remington 700's as well as late Model 70's. The stock may come equipped with a fixed length of pull or a 3-way adjustable butt assembly as well as a handstop rail. The Marksman stock is available with or without texture on the forend and pistol grip.


The Prone Stock was patterned after an Anschütz® 1411 Prone Rifle Stock. It can be used for smallbore using the Anschütz® or several other rimfire actions. It is most commonly used in highpower with a Remington Model 700 or a Winchester Model 70. It comes with an adjustable cheek piece and can be fitted with a 3-way adjustable butt plate as well as either a Freeland or Anschütz® type handstop rail. Available in right or left-hand.

Baker Special

The Baker Special was designed by high power shooter Billie Baker using a Winchester Marksman as a starting point. He first extended the beavertail fore-end to the rear and tapered it back through the receiver area to increase stiffness. He then added a shallow drop belly so that Model 700's and Model 70's ould have a custom long magazine box fabricated to hold five rounds in the magazine for rapid fire. It is only available with a vertically adjustable comb. It may have the 2-way or 3-way buttplate fitted, and a fore-end rail but will not accept the spacer system. It is ambidextrous and may be inletted for both right and left hand. May also be inletted for the CZ-550 magnum with heavy target type barrels but requires some custom work on the rear tang of the stock.

Adjustable 40X

The Adjustable 40X is manufactured for the custom shop at Remington for use on the Competition 40XC and 40XR rifles. It comes standard with a vertically adjustable cheek pieceIt is available with either a vertically adjustable butt plate, a 3-way adjustable butt assembly and a Freeland or Anschütz® type handstop rails. Blind magazine only. Available in right-hand only.

Modified 40X

The Modified 40X is identical to the Adjustable 40X, except for the modified forend. This is the perfect three position and national match stock. The entire cheek piece is vertically adjustable, and has a drop belly for better off-hand position, a raised forend for better prone position, and a five-round magazine capacity. The modified 40X is ideal for use with the Remington 700, 40X or 40XR, as well as the Winchester Model 70. The stock is available as a blind magazine only. Available in right-hand only.


There are five different stocks for metallic silhouette competition, which are specifically designed for competition and therefore are not particularly well-suited for hunting.

Standard Silhouette

The Master Silhouette is a new silhouette stock based on the basic Anschutz design but with a higher comb, a shortened fore-end and a more sculptured pistol grip. The generic rear tang can be inletted for most rimfire and centfire actions. With a 1.35" barrel channel it will accept all barrel contours. Available in right-hand only.

Thumbhole Silhouette

The Thumbhole Silhouette was designed by Richard King for use with Remington 700 actions. It has a high roll-over type monte carlo cheek piece and a deep, platform-type belly. The stock is available as a blind magazine or single shot only and will accept barrels up to a #5 contour. Available in right-hand only.

Anschutz Silhouette

The Anschütz® Silhouette was specifically designed for the Anschütz® 54MS action but can be adapted for other smallbore actions as well as Remington 700 actions for high power. The Anschütz® Silhouette can also be inletted to accept a heavy barreled Ruger 10/22, as is often used in the Sportsman Team Challenge competition. Available in right and left-hand.
Anschütz® Sihouette.

Anschutz Thumbhole

The Anschütz® Thumbhole stock was designed for the 54:18 Repeater. This factory reproduction will prove to be one of the most popular silhouette stocks offered. It can also be used for all the Anschütz® 54 or 2000 series actions. Available in right-hand only.
Anschütz® Thumbhole.

STC (Sportsman Team Challenge)

The STC (Sportsman Team Challenge) stock is provided for this unique form of competitionIt is a modified version of the Anschütz® Silhouette that will accept a Ruger 10/22. The standard inletting is for a .920 to .930 diameter barrel. Also acceptable for metallic silhouette competition, if you would like to use a 10/22. Available in right-hand only.

STC Intimidator

The STC Intimidator stock was specifically designed for the Chevy Truck Challenge. It is the best off-hand stock on the market today. Being fully adjustable with 3-way adjustable butt plate and adjustable cheek piece, this stock will fit all shooters male and female. The uniquely designed forend allows for conventional or action type shooting. It has 3 inch deep belly for position style shooting. Available in right and left-hand.

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