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M24 Supermagnum .338 Lapua

M24 Supermagnum .338 Lapua Custom Rifle

The M24 Supermagnum rifle design extends the range limits of the well known standard and offers a whole new capability to the battlefield.  Those that are familiar with the M24 will appreciate the significant improvements built into this custom rifle.  We offer a comprehensive receiver blueprint with bolt sleeving.  We also include an adjustable cheek piece along with the adjustable length of pull feature.  The finish is made to match the color requirement of your environment, allowing you to have a custom camo blend.

The barrel of the M24 Supermagnum is available in the 28.5 or 30 inch length to ensure the greatest performance possible.  Van Dyke Rifle Designs supplies the world's finest barrels in stainless steel with a custom chamber dimension in our proprietary quest for demanding accuracy.  The system offers an aluminum bedding block further glassed with the barrel free floating.  The MIRS rail system is optional but can be utilized for those looking for night vision requirements.  Several choices can be made to the type of muzzle brake for shooter comfort and control.  There are many trigger types to select from and we can be helpful in matching the needs for your application.

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M24 Supermagnum .338 Lapua Custom Rifle

M24 Supermagnum .338 Lapua Custom Rifle side view

M24 Supermagnum .338 Lapua Custom Rifle front view

M24 Supermagnum .338 Lapua Custom Rifle 2nd side

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