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Barnard Rifle Actions

Right side view of a Barnard action with the standard Barnard Trigger.

Precision CNC engineered to extreme accuracy levels….NO BLUEPRINTING REQUIRED!

Many wins achieved in international competition with Barnard-equipped rifles; NZ and Australian State Queen’s Championships, Commonwealth Games (record score), Canadian Governor General’s plus numerous State and local championships. Used by 1999 Australian Palma team.

Three models available to suit every possible accuracy requirement…….

PALMA/NRA, BENCHREST, 1000YD BENCHREST (extra-large bolt diameter available),



  • Three locking-lug designs with EASY opening.

  • Incredibly stiff round receivers are ground after hardening for concentricity.

  • Super-quick lock time and small diameter firing pin (.062”) are standard; .080” firing pin optional.

  • Strong Sako-style extractor standard for all models.

  • 1.062” x 16 t.p.i. barrel thread.

  • Available as LH or RH with any port position; even twin ports!

  • Plunger-type ejector standard with magazine models, optional with single shot.

  • Blued 4340 double heat treated steel; we  are also proposing development of a Titanium series.

  • Bolt of 8620 nitrided steel

Model P ( Palma, NRA, BR 1000 etc. ) Available with any bolt face size.  Length 7.875”, Weight 48 oz, O.D. 1.45”.  Trigger included.

Model SM shown, also available as Model S single shot. Fully compatible with Rem 700 style trigger and stock layout. Trigger hanger included. Length 8.25”, Weight 36 oz – 44 oz.     

All Barnard actions feature triple massive locking lugs, high-strength Sako-style extractor and 1/16" diameter firing pin as standard.

Add a Vee-Bed block for your Barnard action and stock for total bedding integrity ----forever!  Made from T6-6351 aluminum alloy.


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