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Van Dyke Rifle Designs custom made rifles, custom tactical rifles, and custom sniper rifles
Superior Custom Made Rifles
Tactical & Sniper Custom Built Rifles

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Custom Made Rifles, Custom Tactical Rifles and Custom Sniper Rifles
by Van Dyke Rifle Designs

Welcome to Van Dyke Rifle Designs!  We want to thank you for your interest in our custom made rifles. The goal of our family-run company is to satisfy the needs of our customers by providing a superior quality custom made rifle created to the specifications of our individual customers.

John Van Dyke custom rifles design and manufacturing

Remember:  What you see is not what you get,  with Van Dyke Custom Rifles, What you WANT is what you get!

At Van Dyke Rifle Designs, we promise to provide a custom made rifle that is:

  • Superior in accuracy

  • Made from the highest quality components

  • Precision manufactured

  • Customized to individual tastes & preferences

  • Hand-crafted by John Van Dyke

Browse our website to see all the possibilities for your custom-made rifles, whether custom tactical rifles, or custom sniper rifles.  We look forward to talking with you personally about what we can do for you.

Van Dyke Rifles is committed to building top quality custom precision rifles to your specifications.

custom rifles - custom sniper rifleAt Van Dyke Rifle Designs, creating custom Rifles, is not simply work, it is our passion. We strive to meet your specifications so that the custom rifles we build for you are exactly what you want, created from top quality materials. Whether for use in Law Enforcement, Military or Civilian communities, your custom tactical rifles benefit from our expertise and care in top quality workmanship. When a customer positions himself behind one of our rifles, he has the assurance that it will perform reliably and accurately.

Take your time and browse our custom Rifles website. We are sure you will find our site informative and interesting. At Van Dyke Rifle Designs, practical experience and solutions are important to us in developing the precision custom rifle you want. not gimmicks, and never cutting of corners. We enjoy hearing from our customers and building on their experience to create custom rifles that they are proud to own.  Our customers know their custom rifle will be both reliable and accurate.

No custom Rifle leaves our shop that we are not proud of! That's our guarantee to you.  Ultimate Dependability, Quality, Accuracy and Service - that's what you can expect from Van Dyke Rifle Designs Custom Rifles.

For more information on any of our custom rifle designs and their various tactical and sniper applications, please give us a call at Van Dyke Rifle Designs, 785-434-7577.

Our Newest
Custom Rifle Designs

M24 Supermagnum .338 Lapua Custom Rifle front view
M24 Supermagnum
.338 Lapua
Custom Rifle

The Reaper custom sniper rifle side 1
The Reaper
Custom Sniper Rifle

Tactical Eliminator Supermagnum .338 Lapua Custom Match Custom Rifle
Tactical Eliminator Supermagnum .338 Lapua
Custom Match

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